Welcome to Spartan Sporting Goods.

Brand Focus

Everything we do is driven by understanding and supporting our clients brand positioning, objectives and values. This ensures we assist our partners stay on message and deliver the most powerful and effective campaigns.

Return on Investment

Spartan’s value proposition is based on our in depth knowledge of the Australian sport market and the fact we control the manufacture of products. This results in optimum products at highly competitive pricing, resulting in a measurable return on investment.

Community Commitment

The 2010 Repucom and Sponsorship Australia Outlook Report identified that:

“The share of sponsorship spend on community and grass roots campaigns rose by over 60% between 2009 and 2010
(11.8% to 19.1%)”

By combining customised products with our licenses and sporting ambassadors we are able to deliver campaigns into specific niche markets. This tailored approach significantly raises brand loyalty and personal satisfaction.

Turnaround Times

As we control the delivery process from initial design to delivery direct from our factories we are often able to meet urgent needs within 2 weeks. In normal circumstances we will deliver by air within 4 weeks and sea within 12 weeks.

We Deliver

Spartan’s understanding of the sports domain includes rights holders, sponsors, associations, clubs, players and fans. Our activities cover product design and development, manufacture and delivery. Our specialty is to contribute to the activation of innovative, memorable and successful campaigns that target selected stakeholders.